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What is the Cultural Peace Center?

The Cultural Peace Center will be the home of peace in the heart of the conflict, with Jerusalem as the central node of the People's Peace. Too long has the challenge of ending conflict been in the hands of a political class too concerned with retaining their power, dogged by ulterior motives. Joseph has seen the need for a people's chamber where ideas can be shared beyond the influence of the bitter squabbling of politicians. The Cultural Peace Center will gather the dedicated to combine ideas and cooperate to form the Peoples' Policies. Through socially minded entrepreneurship the Cultural Peace Center will create jobs, improve education, and build the platform of prosperity on which peace shall stand. Joseph has traveled the world, speaking to hundreds of experts in the fields of business, politics, and religion from all walks of life and as such has amassed a task force ready to start the good work of building the home of peace.

The PPI's role and the Cultural Peace Center's mission:

  • To promote education in both communities

  • To create jobs for both people in order to establish prosperity for the region

  • To raise awareness by the creation of cultural events and exchanges

  • To build the Cultural Peace Center through business means 

Jerusalem's multicultural, multi-faith, multi-ethnic history makes it the perfect place to build the Cultural Peace Center. 

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