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The Fund

The People’s Peace Initiative — our multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-nationality organization — has for goal to help reach peace. We have already established plans of action, made many important contacts in several countries, and are ready to implement our strategy for a better future. After months of brainstorming with my team, it became evident that the first goal of the P.P.I is to focus on helping the children, especially but not only, the Palestinian children. This is because they are of course the most vulnerable while being the future of these nations. But also because education will naturally bring understanding and tolerance, knowledge and solutions, and will allow bright minds to rise. Taking care of the children and giving them access to education is the most certain and direct path to achieving peace and bringing safety and wealth to many families in need.


And because it’s so hard for a hungry child to focus at school or even go to school, our project will start
by bringing healthy nutrition to these children and their schools. Sending their kids to school, knowing
that they will receive good meals and good education, will bring hope to their parents and to the kids themselves.


However the P.P.I is a tool, and a tool without power—or manpower—cannot function. That’s why we are launching The Fund. The Fund will raise money for the P.P.I, making its action possible, targeted and efficient. The Fund will help us raise money and make this cause a success.

And we don’t see small!
We know that the key of the P.P.I. success in reaching the maximum number of people and impacting their lives positively is a LOT of money. Small individual contributions won’t do it. We are hoping that the funds will come from the goodwill and positive thinking of the richest families and from companies with a desire to achieve peace in the region. In recognition and gratitude for their donations, their names will be shown on the Peace wall of the future Cultural Peace Center in Jerusalem. We will also put their names and company logos on our site, social media, and communications.


About the Fund:
The Fund will be part of the P.P.I. and will be managed by advisors and fundraisers under the supervision of the P.P.I. board and its own board. It will be physically located in Switzerland for security, neutrality and convenience of its location, at the center of Europe, between the West and the Middle East.


The Fund will raise money through direct contact with companies and families as well as through fundraising campaigns and events. The money raised will be allocated according to the PPI’s plans and goals, taking into consideration the greatest, most urgent needs first.

Transparency is essential and we will send to donors quarterly reports about the Fund’s goals and results as well as the PPI’s activity, spending and end results.


We want to limit to the maximum the money needed by the PPI to function, so most money can go to those who can benefit from it and make the Cultural Peace Center a reality.


Contact the Fund to learn more


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